A recent photography, design and international studies graduate, Josefine Lea grew up in Germany and has since lived in the Czech Republic, Colombia, Japan, Australia, and the United States.

Her love of diving into other cultures made her an innovative, insightful person and inspires her photography and design process. Passionate about the beauty of this world and its people, Lea loves capturing special moments and saving precious memories as well as telling a story through photography and design. Thus, she excels at travel photography and videography, portraiture, wedding and commercial product photography.

Having a good eye for detail and taking joy in creating a cohesive line of work considering a brand’s values and message, she also specializes in branding and packaging. Being the oldest girl of 6 children taught Lea to be a true team player as well as taking responsibility for others at an early age.

In her spare time, Lea enjoys good company, great breakfast food and traveling, she loves the ocean and feeling the sun on bare skin, other passions are laughing, rooftops, dancing and singing along on road trips.